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Why is the lid called smart lid

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When I first heard about "Smart Guy", I was really surprised. How did such a "smart" name come from? I searched the Internet for a long time, but I couldn't find the reason for the name. But by observing the water dispenser in the office, we can also see some details. I think this smart guy is really "smart". So why is the lid called the smart lid?

From the smart cover in the picture above, the smart seat can see that there is a tubular protrusion in the center of the smart seat. Correspondingly, the smart cover is double-layered, and there is a tubular protrusion in the middle that matches the size of the lid, which can be pulled. Open, the lid on the inner layer can be pushed in.

When changing the water dispenser, the bucket needs to be turned upside down, but if you open the lid of the bottled water in advance and put it on the dispenser, the water will definitely spill out. Smart lid is smart here. You don’t need to open the lid in advance. When the bottled water is put on the water dispenser, pull the outer lid of the smart lid so that the tubular protrusion of the smart seat is aligned with the hole in the middle of the bottled water. Filling with water and righting, using the weight of a bucket of water, you can easily poke the inner lid of the smart cover, and the water will flow into the water dispenser along the smart seat. This will not spill a drop of water.