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Heat shrinkable film develops towards multi-function

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In recent years, heat shrinkable packaging films have developed rapidly, expanding from a single PVC shrink film to PE, PP, PVDC, PA and other types of shrink films. With the changes in market demand, many new products have emerged in the direction of multi-layered and multi-functional heat shrinkable films. In addition to being widely used in fast food pasta, ceramic products, tea sets, and mechanical parts, heat shrinkable film and vapor phase rust prevention technology are combined in the application of military machinery and hardware tools to replace the method of applying rust prevention oil. Has been widely used, so that guns and ammunition have enhanced the ability to prevent rust, which is of great significance. In addition, co-extruded composite shrink film has also been put into production in Wuxi, Tianjin, Foshan and other places to meet the needs of packaging fresh meat, cheese and other fatty foods.