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Disposable PE bottled water bottle cap

basic information

product features:

Place of Origin: Guangxi

Brand: Rexking

Mold model: Z9

Packing: 1000pcs/carton

Material: PE

Scope of application: three-gallon and five-gallon buckets

Type: tearable

Color: white, blue or customized color

Features: sealed, dustproof

Processing customization: Yes

Nanning Rexking Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.


Nanning Rexking Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.


Product Details: 

1. Use imported plastic mold steel and drinking water grade PE material.

2. International standard size, common to most water factory bottled water bottle caps.

3. Disposable silicone bottle caps are more dust-proof, leak-proof, safe and sanitary.

4. High precision, no nozzle in hot runner process, high production efficiency.

5. Water leakage prevention technology, environmental protection and pollution-free.

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5 gallon water bottle cap with silicone seal
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